Making Hello Neighbor costume for my son

Geoff Horvath
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He asked to be Slender Man but I told him he was a bit too short and,, not slender. Hello Neighbor was his original request so I made it happen.
Artist: Silencyde
Song: Dead Man's Secrets
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2 lis 2018

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Komentarze 9
Axel Animates
Axel Animates Miesiąc temu
Haha the intro your neighbour doesn't care ur in the house and he's like wait a minute....
Geoff Horvath
Geoff Horvath Miesiąc temu
Not if you coat them inside and out with clear coat.
Mochi The Thing
Mochi The Thing Miesiąc temu
Okay okay okay okay WARNING Do NOT make suits/masks out of card board or paper, these can grow back harmful mold, if inhaled it can be very dangerous, if you are using them, maybe stick to one day (such as halloween) then throw them out, with a balaclava. These are absolutely AMAZING costumes, but you should stick to foam like what a majority of the furry community does (as an example) Or you can use resin, expanding foam, 3D printing and much more. There are plenty of tutorials online that can help you with these. (Skillshare is an example or just youtube in general) This could keep people alot safer, dont think i’m talking like you dont know what your doing, you must of had tons of years getting up to that skill level, or you are just blessed XD Anyway, hope this could help a little!
Ne ox
Ne ox Miesiąc temu
Yaa thats ok
xaznxluizzzi 2 miesięcy temu
POUCAL 2 miesięcy temu
Wow looks straight out of the game once again Great work! 👍👍👌👌
Geoff Horvath
Geoff Horvath 2 miesięcy temu
Thank you. Im glad you like.
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez 2 miesięcy temu
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