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Will The World Ever Run Out Of Water?

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As the human population continues to explode, resources for fresh water are dwindling. What happens if the world runs out of water?
How California's Drought Affects The World ►►►►
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Global drought real threat to lives and economies: Experts
“The U.S. is hardly alone when it comes to drought.A worldwide weather phenomenon threatens the future of water and food supplies, as well as the global economy, experts say. Colombia, Pakistan, Somalia, Australia, Guatemala, China, and Kenya are just a few of the other countries suffering severe drought conditions.”
As fresh water supplies dwindle and droughts worsen, the poor suffer
“As global warming causes weather patterns to shift, snow accumulation to shrink, and glaciers to melt, water is becoming an increasingly rare resource, and for the world’s poor, that could spell trouble.”
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12 gru 2015

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Komentarze 2 593
Tilley 3 dni temu
Ahahah I’m from Canada 30% of the worlds fresh water is here I don’t care
Alexa Doodles
Alexa Doodles 5 dni temu
ME 23 dni temu
I swear, this is why people should take science and geography in school. Oh, wait, but no! Because Gym class is the most important... smh
Kuba Jed
Kuba Jed 26 dni temu
1:25 Lol Kraków
Wally Ruiz
Wally Ruiz Miesiąc temu
Where do people get free water out the tap? Last time I checked people pay a water bill.
ccb L
ccb L Miesiąc temu
by what year the world fresh water run out? i cant seem to find it
celow banks
celow banks Miesiąc temu
Have u ever been on a cruise they filter sea water we will be all right
SeahawksandNationalsFTW 01
It’s because the stupid people in Africa who already have crappy living conditions have about 12 kids per family on average.
Cizt Smith
Cizt Smith 2 miesięcy temu
It's impossible to run out of water, There are like 3,000,000,000 gallions of water on earth and there are rain clouds to fill up.
enderdog3 Gaming
enderdog3 Gaming 2 miesięcy temu
"Water Water everywhere, Not a drop to drink"
MarMar LikesBunnies
MarMar LikesBunnies 2 miesięcy temu
Jason Bustos
Jason Bustos 2 miesięcy temu
We need at least one purge
BlazerBoy21 2 miesięcy temu
If we drink the ocean water that's good! because ice will melt .-.
Chaos Afterlife
Chaos Afterlife 2 miesięcy temu
It's scary how much water we waste.
Artemiy 2 miesięcy temu
We need to power down the grid to stop extracting petroleum and ores, which drains our water in depths of 4-6 kms.
Artemiy 2 miesięcy temu
Wake up already, it is not about kids, it is about scientific regress
Water Flow
Water Flow 2 miesięcy temu
According to mad max... YES!
quit my chanel 1
quit my chanel 1 3 miesięcy temu
Yes it would
The Ripped Reaper
The Ripped Reaper 3 miesięcy temu
Humans producing more humans is the problem
Zhang Lee
Zhang Lee 3 miesięcy temu
the title what a joke
Behebev Hfbrheg
Behebev Hfbrheg 3 miesięcy temu
Lol I meant gro
Behebev Hfbrheg
Behebev Hfbrheg 3 miesięcy temu
Yeah people will bro but people will also die
sing along
sing along 3 miesięcy temu
You are annoying to hear
Yahli Mendler
Yahli Mendler 3 miesięcy temu
Can't we just use desalination since water's in a closed system?
استغفر الله استغفر الله من ظلمته فليحللني
Jeffy Jeffy
Jeffy Jeffy 3 miesięcy temu
People will have to purifiers like the one GuavaJuice used lol probably few 1000 buck idk
Adam Daruk
Adam Daruk 4 miesięcy temu
Start killing people like flat earthers.
LXenatorLX LX
LXenatorLX LX 4 miesięcy temu
Yes it is...
Shahveer Ali
Shahveer Ali 4 miesięcy temu
In 2050?
Millerbros3 5 miesięcy temu
She's really skinny. I think she could use some more D in her diet ...
BlueCacti10 Gaming
BlueCacti10 Gaming 5 miesięcy temu
The bible says that the earth will last forever if the earth run out of water it's not earth anymore
ProRax 5 miesięcy temu
Water is not free you pay bills duh
Ramesh Babu kothandaraman
Ramesh Babu kothandaraman 5 miesięcy temu
I am ready to explain about this
Ramesh Babu kothandaraman
Ramesh Babu kothandaraman 5 miesięcy temu
I assure the world won't run out of water. I have very good idea, plan for water resources to all over the world. My concept for water resources is Chain lake system. The Chain lake system Includes water resources, Agriculture, Groves, Industries, Planned towns and cities.
Xwfg 5 miesięcy temu
A solution is a device to make salt water = normal water = clean water
I’m Gay
I’m Gay 5 miesięcy temu
She hot, But skinny
John Man
John Man 6 miesięcy temu
Stop talking through your nose it's so annoying.
Scott Cartwright
Scott Cartwright 6 miesięcy temu
Mushroom can save the planet
I Love Kpop
I Love Kpop 6 miesięcy temu
Hmm... The population won't stop growing. How about this, with a snap of my finger, I can wipe out half of the universe's life. I call this mercy.
Andreas Aksnes
Andreas Aksnes 6 miesięcy temu
Just kill all
PAC mAN rap game ain't tha same
We can survive about a week with water and no food we need water more than food seems odd but we do
Question Mark
Question Mark 6 miesięcy temu
Drink Alcohol, Save Water ;)
Albert Vasquez
Albert Vasquez 7 miesięcy temu
I gotta pee now 😶
Vu Tu
Vu Tu 7 miesięcy temu
Why when you said China you also covered our Vietnam:(( 2:13
Dat dead potato
Dat dead potato 7 miesięcy temu
This is a mother FUCKIN LIE!!!
Jaciel Sandoval
Jaciel Sandoval 7 miesięcy temu
Wish she was on pornhub instead of youtube
Heart Of Darkness
Heart Of Darkness 7 miesięcy temu
When sun dies... water will evaporate
Adeeb Md
Adeeb Md 7 miesięcy temu
Im just thinking right now i just learned science it says the pants takes out the water during the exchanging of molucules thinghy does it get blown away by wind and get to places thus making drylands dryer and wet lands wetter
Nightquaker 8 miesięcy temu
0:25 "And we basically get fresh and safe drinking water for free out of the tap". What? No, you don't. You pay bills, just like for electricity. Or you pay rent, which includes bills.
Władca Wymiaru
Władca Wymiaru 8 miesięcy temu
World WILL run of water...clean water.
Dedres BOI
Dedres BOI 8 miesięcy temu
Guys in 2030 we will get a load of 100000000000000000000000.00000000000000000000 gallons it's pretty big right
action star kids
action star kids 8 miesięcy temu
People have to stop reproducing
crashweaverda 8 miesięcy temu
At the rate were screwing up the planet there will be no water to drink. Check out the great garbage patch in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean . Also how the rest of the world has trashed there drinkable water supply.
David Lawand
David Lawand 8 miesięcy temu
My God What have we done Forgive us for destroying your world we have to find a way to umm maybe no more babies for 5 years? and scientists should stop the researches on anti-ageing :/ Sorry guys Do you want to die of thirst Then some thing has to be done :/
Don Cunningham
Don Cunningham 8 miesięcy temu
I just pooped and it was spicy this distracted me from the burning of my butt hole thank you
devon schlichter
devon schlichter 8 miesięcy temu
Anthony James
Anthony James 8 miesięcy temu
...And now Cape Town..
Joel2010Dmax 9 miesięcy temu
You need to act stupid to convince the average person that you are right. The average person isn’t smart enough to understand this
Qazu G
Qazu G 9 miesięcy temu
They Are Probably Take The DNA From The Water. And Plant/Generate Water Like They Did With Meat.
Ragi Ullrssman
Ragi Ullrssman 9 miesięcy temu
Welcome to the results of agriculture. Too many people too much land denuded for farming instead of leaving it covered by plants and letting grazing animals maintain the balance. Humans should be hunting the edges of the herds not stripping the land to grow grains.
allgoo19 9 miesięcy temu
Lack of snow fall also affecting the ski resort industry for decades. But nobody reporting it. Maybe not the dumbest people but pretty close, "A Ski Resort Impacted by Climate Change is Funding Anti-Climate-Action Politicians"
Lenny 9 miesięcy temu
Yes in the future we will run out of fresh water, there are 5% fresh water on earth. In 10 or 15 more years there are going to be a higher population, around 9.5 or 10 billion people living on earth meaning, more people are going to use water and it’s going to decrease the fresh water BUT! There are solutions. 95% are salt water, we can just remove the salt from the water so that we could drink it
Joe Evan
Joe Evan 9 miesięcy temu
Can I see a video with out her wareing a shirt?
Violet Veins
Violet Veins 9 miesięcy temu
I think that War causes drought.
j.brend bastard
j.brend bastard 9 miesięcy temu
free out the tap???? where do u live?
Austin The Victorian Orchid
Most of the agriculture water goes towards keeping livestock Alive. Stop eating animals and it will cut back on water consumption massively. But people would rather the world go to Hell than give up a steak or bacon. So sad..
craig 9 miesięcy temu
A:kill people
martel hinds
martel hinds 9 miesięcy temu
Europeans have become immune to some if not most of European diseases, Africans etc have become immune to most of all African diseases etc but so many people have migrated into different parts of the World where they do not have natural immunity protection thus Africans will be effected by the out break of European diseases coursed by their overwhelming numbers upon our fragile health system and Europeans will be effected By the diseases of Africans etc because of the break down of our government control due to the civil unrest riots and the civil war that will develop from that situation and the bad thing is that it has already started so sit back for the ride on the ghost train or get up and fight for order and commonsense now!
martel hinds
martel hinds 9 miesięcy temu
the spread of diseases as all the government systems break down including hospitals due to civil unrest riots / civil war the new Great Plague arrives many dead!
martel hinds
martel hinds 9 miesięcy temu
Famine Drought water rationing civil unrest riots civil war
martel hinds
martel hinds 9 miesięcy temu
And the great depression returns
polite critique
polite critique 10 miesięcy temu
Tom sellick using huge tanker truck to steal public water for years for his pears so he can sell them
Peter Danielsson
Peter Danielsson 10 miesięcy temu
And if We have no water left just get juice
Peter Danielsson
Peter Danielsson 10 miesięcy temu
If theres no water left... Just make water just Do oxygen and h2
KTMs 1
KTMs 1 10 miesięcy temu
Lol Fear in CA (circa 2015), then 2016 came and drought is 100% gone. Gotta love the fear cycle aka, the Chicken Little effect. Two words to solve it all: Israel and Desalination. Google that snap.
Andrew S
Andrew S 10 miesięcy temu
California no longer has any water shortage this year cleared it so not so accurate now. Bottom line is we need to find a way to male desalination cheap enough so we will never run out of water. Plus we need to find ways to stop the developing nations breeding having 10 kids is simply unsustainable
e man
e man 10 miesięcy temu
She is sooooo skinny my god girl u look like my 9 year old daughter ..shiiittt do u drink water
NOOBY GAMES GAME 10 miesięcy temu
Nope,! P.S. Remember to think happy thoughts =)
Tedj 11 miesięcy temu
This scares me. Alot
FreeClout 11 miesięcy temu
In fucking 2017 just filter the sea water dumbfucks
Rajendra Rajendra
Rajendra Rajendra 11 miesięcy temu
but will the world will run out of water?
Don Omar Ramiro
Don Omar Ramiro 11 miesięcy temu
Cute and smart.
jhon junior
jhon junior Rok temu
She's beautiful I love her 😍
Crystal Lin
Crystal Lin Rok temu
Karazu Rok temu
I liked the topic, but I think she's cute
Don't judge my profile picture plz
But.. more humans were born = bigger chance to find the solution.
DiscoBlair 9
DiscoBlair 9 Rok temu
well we sure won’t run out of Fiji water
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Rok temu
Ok let’s say we find a way to filter sea water to fresh water. What would we do with that waste product. We cant just through it back to the ocean, it would make our oceans more toxic.
Paul Riley
Paul Riley Rok temu
Solar powered water extractor from humid air?
Doomslayer Rok temu
what free water?
Why Not?
Why Not? Rok temu
I wouldn't worry about overpopulation natural selection will take care of that... hopefully..
Godly Mango
Godly Mango Rok temu
wow now i don't want to take 15 minute showers any more
GeometryDash Realstorm TG
0:57 yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?
Godd Howard
Godd Howard Rok temu
Idk how we would run out of water not like the shit will be reaching escape velocity anytime soon
TheCourtnie Rok temu
People around the world should only be be aloud to have one child because at the rate were going there won't be anything left in a 1000 years
TheCourtnie Rok temu
Or kill off 80% of the population
Джеррет Нет
Simple, stop giving Forgein aid, it's non white countries that breed like rabbits, whites are actually only 7% of the world's population and declining up from 35% and were the only ones that really trying to stop this, so solution European countries remain white, stop giving Forgein aid, nationalist socialist governments so they keep natural order, take care of environments and protect its people, and nature. Sorta like Japan with immigration system they come in, work and go back to their country, it's a win win situation, but people have been too brainwashed and capitalism and communism is destroying the world , parts of China you can't even breathe due to too much smoke. Capitalism is all about profit, they wanna drain the world of its resources. National socialism is about protecting culture, and animal kingdoms with natural order, even our old .heathen religions we were one with nature
Logan Flaherty The Vermonter!
The world may never run out of water. It just changes in form.
Angad Rawat
Angad Rawat Rok temu
I like the part when she says 'water'
Sahara desert's underground water (which has yet to be fully tapped) takes 20,000 years to replenish.
make a purge who survive is lucky and by that our population will decrese
hj labs
hj labs Rok temu
You are cute...