Relax! And Fix it with 10 Cool and Simple Hairstyles and Hair Hacks

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Inspired to start your day with a new look? Perfect! We’re here to bring you a bunch of cool DIY hairstyle ideas for you to try! Learn how to stop that static hair mess, hide that nasty pimple, achieve lovely curls without a curler and even how to use eyeshadow to color your hair. All these fun hair hacks and more!
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0:24 Craft Wire Curls
1:35 Hide That Pimpal!
2:40 Hair Curler 3000
3:29 Butterfly Hairstyle
4:27 Eyeshadow Colored Hair
5:21 Sponge Curls
6:18 Bow Tie Hairstyle
7:31 Stop Static Hair
8:28 Hair Band Wallet
9:33 Oily Hair
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30 lis 2018

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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 10 dni temu
Hey, Beautiful Pandas! 🐼✨ I always want to keep my besties hair game at 100! 💈💇 It’s time to step it up and spread those curls! 🌬👧👩 Which hair hack did you like the most? Let me know! Much love from Crafty Panda ❤️❤️❤️ P.s If you enjoyed this video you might also like 😉:
Kissa Leevi
Kissa Leevi 11 godzin temu
Mine was curly first then It was with pony tails after i let my hair it was perfect for me i sleep for the hair now
Peace Adedokun
Peace Adedokun 22 godzin temu
Eloisa Garcia
Eloisa Garcia Dzień temu
LuNin xD
LuNin xD Godzinę temu
You all so cute
Kemalarda Korkmaz
Kemalarda Korkmaz Godzinę temu
crafty panda❤😻
Maria Clara Adiel
Maria Clara Adiel 2 godzin temu
6:16 fico feio
عامر شارف
عامر شارف 2 godzin temu
علواه كي يشوفوا العرب التعليقات بلفرونسي الخ يقولك لي عربي لايك هههههه 😂😁😀 لي عربي يخبط لايك هههههههه كيفكيف هههههههه🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😇🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇🤗😇🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Tahir Mehmood
Tahir Mehmood 3 godzin temu
호석정 5 godzin temu
6:15 o boiii
Coraline hank
Coraline hank 8 godzin temu
Alguien habla español
Sarah Ryan Thompson
Sarah Ryan Thompson 12 godzin temu
Hello everyone reading this comment! I do not know about your thoughts, but I thought this video had an insane amount of ads. You may know of the channel 5 minute crafts, I suggest you check them out because there are usually one or no ads. This is my personal opinion, and I come with all due respect. Warmly, Sarah Ryan
LifeWithAdvika ‘
LifeWithAdvika ‘ 13 godzin temu
Luannelis T.
Luannelis T. 13 godzin temu
If I did any of these hacks I would be stuck on the camera all day long
Jenna Hauser
Jenna Hauser 14 godzin temu
Who else casually takes a run to the bakery in the morning to buy a $100 croissant? I know I do!
L Pulver
L Pulver 14 godzin temu
Y does she low key look like 6ix9ine
Billie i have found your smile
1:03 *lil pump has left the chat*
Grace brooks
Grace brooks 16 godzin temu
6:14 me when I fall asleep in class 😂🤢🤮
Tergel Enkhsaikhan
Tergel Enkhsaikhan 16 godzin temu
You guys copies from 5 minute craft
Amber Seymour
Amber Seymour 16 godzin temu
Why would someone have a lot sponges in there drowre
Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez 17 godzin temu
I'm going to use hair ties not "hair bands"
Selma Games
Selma Games 18 godzin temu
I tried to color my hair with eyeshadow it didn’t work probably because I have brown hair
Melanie anderson
Melanie anderson 18 godzin temu
Hey sisters
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace 18 godzin temu
I don’t think anyone are going to wear these
iLovely ASMR
iLovely ASMR 18 godzin temu
*troom troom has left the chat*
Nancy Peixoto
Nancy Peixoto 18 godzin temu
"Getting those calories are the best bit" Honestly me. I can't stay fit for anything
Tabs Tab Time
Tabs Tab Time 19 godzin temu
At least there not troom troom
Jolene Gauvreau
Jolene Gauvreau 19 godzin temu
Oh yeah,because we have like 10 sponges randomly sitting in a drawer,and we totally thought we could make it out with only two hair curlers🤔
ciorinoiu 19 godzin temu
The voiceover is so warming and calming
Annie Morgan
Annie Morgan 19 godzin temu
6:48 JoJo Siwa has left the chat
Annie Morgan
Annie Morgan 19 godzin temu
Dear Madison, you are supposed to curl hair out of your face ❤ It will look a lot better. Sending much love ^^
Alex Harding
Alex Harding 19 godzin temu
Am skyler
Jessa Judeh
Jessa Judeh 19 godzin temu
Hair that defies the laws of gravity
Jessa Judeh
Jessa Judeh 19 godzin temu
Oh my God I didn't know how to make a braid😂 the sarcasm
Oli Loli
Oli Loli 19 godzin temu
This is troom troom or 5 min hacks sis and bro
CassieGirlGaming 19 godzin temu
who pays for a croissant with 100 dollars??
COME GET Y’ALL JUICE 20 godzin temu
Wouldn’t the pipe cleaners jab you in your sleep?😂
z̶a̶d̶d̶y̶ ̶c̶e̶s̶ _
She sounds high
Veronica Zuluaga
Veronica Zuluaga 21 godzinę temu
who would have a bunch of sponges in a hair drawer on a daily baises
Sadia Beaton
Sadia Beaton 21 godzinę temu
Hair hacks
Maria Popescu
Maria Popescu 22 godzin temu
Why is there talking i like the silence better
Dina Esparza
Dina Esparza 22 godzin temu
How did the pimple move sides?
زوزه العراقيه
ترجمة بالعربي pless
Haylee Powell
Haylee Powell 22 godzin temu
Obviously Lauryn
Obviously Lauryn 22 godzin temu
Madison looks like and idiot
Galactix Fire Foxy a Kpop lover
I’m so sad 5 minute crafts copied nearly all of these after you put this out smh :(
Polly Pocket Jason Voress
What if my sissors are inside
Polly Pocket Jason Voress
A couple bobby pins you mean 50
Polly Pocket Jason Voress
Let's cut everyone's hair off
Maddy Rivera
Maddy Rivera Dzień temu
i love the hacks
طيبتي أكبر همومي
اليحب كلمه الله يحط لايك
Moldy Mice
Moldy Mice Dzień temu
This really reminds me of troom troom
Nadine Lochan
Nadine Lochan Dzień temu
3:31 OMG my brother's name!?
PrePriKatsu Dzień temu
did she say at 5:13 "team REBEL" reminds me sham idrees
William Dan
William Dan Dzień temu
A 100 dollars for one croissant? Yikes u might lose all ur money if u go there every day
Lizzy DeAngelis
Lizzy DeAngelis Dzień temu
*You all look like singers with them hairstyles...So jelous...*
Erika F
Erika F Dzień temu
That hairbrush hack makes my hair even crazyer.
Web Host Bd
Web Host Bd Dzień temu
So funny
**Gacha Stella**
**Gacha Stella** Dzień temu
This is if 5 min crafts had a voice
Grace love butterflys bunby
Do these actually work? Not trying to be mean
Julia Surmacka
Julia Surmacka Dzień temu
Actually good hacks. *troom troom has left the chat*
Lottie Maria
Lottie Maria Dzień temu
The "Emily" girl is so pretty like if you agree
Lottie Maria
Lottie Maria Dzień temu
The pipe cleaners one didn't work for me but I have super difficult hair
gacha_M Subscribe to gacha time
Love the cute intro!
Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn Dzień temu
Girl was lookin like lil pump in the beginning
Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn Dzień temu
Only if I had hair...
Selma Altuner
Selma Altuner Dzień temu
Selma Altuner
Selma Altuner Dzień temu
ЖельоМир Пиявици Клизма Jeliomir Leeches Enema
Чудесни трикове за коса!
Aleyda Osorio
Aleyda Osorio Dzień temu
Who just watched these videos because there bored? Comment
Aylin Mehdiyeva
Aylin Mehdiyeva Dzień temu
it is really helpful and easy I love this channel😇🎊❤️🌗💖👑🦄
Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers Dzień temu
a simple flower was too extra but a bow made out of hair wasn't?
Ricardo Vallejo
Ricardo Vallejo Dzień temu
This is good content ,unlike troom troom haha
its mauve twany
its mauve twany Dzień temu
I am new here
Vani Constant
Vani Constant Dzień temu
At 4:28 she says Jessica's preparing for a rock concert but she says anna's using eye shadow why two different names???
LilPolar Dzień temu
Thats one expensive croissant
Carlos Meyer
Carlos Meyer Dzień temu
Aidan Rodriguez
Aidan Rodriguez Dzień temu
xoxEYxox Dzień temu
Who has that many sponges :V
Maddymayplaysminecratft Maldonado
Maya Ramos
Maya Ramos Dzień temu
You just copy Troom troom
Yesica Gerez
Yesica Gerez Dzień temu
Wasn't the pimple on the other side of the forhead
Sara Scott
Sara Scott Dzień temu
Who has that many sponges
Alan Wilson
Alan Wilson Dzień temu
I love Annie
Olivia Cleur
Olivia Cleur Dzień temu
When she put her hair in the water bottle it was already curled so it probably doesn’t work No offence
Kathleen Gang
Kathleen Gang Dzień temu
6:14 who else thinks that hairstyles is kinda bad?
Nacelio Amorim
Nacelio Amorim Dzień temu
Canal invejoso
kamar abdelzahra
kamar abdelzahra Dzień temu
For once this is actully useful
*proceeds to pay 100 dollars for a croissant 9:30
Unicorn Club
Unicorn Club Dzień temu
You’re the best PLvid or ever crafty Pandas 😀😃😀😄😃😀😃😄😀😃😄😀😃😄😁😀😃😄😁😃😄
annie bananie
annie bananie Dzień temu
is it just me or is this just another spin off of bright side, 5 min crafts, and troom troom?😂
Gabrysia Małysz
Gabrysia Małysz Dzień temu
Thanks Jessica you saved the day
KAWALA ミグル Dzień temu
6:14 me when i wake up 😂
Parizat Beauty Corner
Troom Troom left the building.
Joselyn Rodriguez
Joselyn Rodriguez Dzień temu
Not to be rude but at 6:16 my hair looks like that when I wake up except I look like I wrestled a tiger in my sleep
Mae& Lily
Mae& Lily Dzień temu
5:40 no one has that many sponges!
Lemon Star
Lemon Star Dzień temu
Troom troom in a better version
Keira Vasbinder
Keira Vasbinder Dzień temu
*off brand troom troom*
Juliana Gomes
Juliana Gomes Dzień temu
1:99 no like
BTS things Are life
Those curls are actually better than my natural ones. : C
night_owll games
night_owll games 2 dni temu
Wow Anna!
atmania rania
atmania rania 2 dni temu
هل من عربي هنا فل يصلي على شفيع الامة رسولنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
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