Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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4 gru 2018




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Komentarze 96 800
Nancy Sahayaraj
Nancy Sahayaraj 43 minut temu
Captain Marvel is like hell of a character to me. Cuz Captain Marvel is like a cross between my favourite marvel character CAPTAIN America and my favourite studios MARVEL. Like if you also fall under this category.
David Thomas
David Thomas 57 minut temu
If she saves the day in Endgame I'm gonna be pissed. You can't just bring in some character we haven't met at the 11th hour
Jeremy Larson
Jeremy Larson 57 minut temu
Rip our good buddy Stan Lee even tho hes gone the marvel movies will keep on
johhny cash
johhny cash Godzinę temu
i hope she's lesbian or at least a bisexual queen
Ho So
Ho So Godzinę temu
The Green Lantern ep 2
Mr Magnificent
Mr Magnificent Godzinę temu
Am i The Only Who Is Not Really Hyped For This Film??
What :/
What :/ Godzinę temu
Like: Avengers will win against thanos Dislike: Avengers will lose again against thanos Lets see whos winning _oh wait nvm_
Phoenix King
Phoenix King Godzinę temu
Where the Moyai 🗿 memes at
Chad Lee
Chad Lee Godzinę temu
Green Lantern female version, going to pass on this movie.
vijay suresh
vijay suresh Godzinę temu
super saiyin level 3?
Krzysztof Ochniowski
Krzysztof Ochniowski Godzinę temu
she could smile more
K L Godzinę temu
No thanks, Ill pass. Pretty pointless addition thats not really needed
Prolapsed Azzhole
Prolapsed Azzhole Godzinę temu
LoL this looks hella lame
Faisal maulana
Faisal maulana Godzinę temu
this is OP hero?
blackhatt python
blackhatt python Godzinę temu
Hi carol danvers! ✋🏻
vector b
vector b Godzinę temu
Jasper Asten
Jasper Asten Godzinę temu
captain marvel seems op
KampFire Godzinę temu
In response to Brie's emotionless personality: It's intentional, she has amnesia. Movie is going to be awesome with great nostalgic rock n' roll on the soundtrack. Friend worked on it... :)
dosduros Godzinę temu
All hail the Hypno Cat!
HelpMeGetVieuws Godzinę temu
Sooo... this is the new OP caracter?
ASHLY SHAJI Godzinę temu
You Guys i did't understand any of that, something wrong with me?...
BektimirovExtra 2 godzin temu
Пиздатая тёлка
ForzaOnda 2 godzin temu
Ellen Ripley is the greatest female hero in film history. Captain Marvel makes me do only one thing: *yawn*
RISHI RAJ 2 godzin temu
Girl + superpower= sucks bcoz they show attitude that super heros dont have
Kevin U
Kevin U 2 godzin temu
Spoilers: the cat is a skrull
Tahsan Ahmed
Tahsan Ahmed 2 godzin temu
Super Woman(A Superman's Story)
Rubasri Vadivel
Rubasri Vadivel 2 godzin temu
Will ther more continues movies after the death of STAN LEE
Juan C
Juan C 2 godzin temu
Had to put out a another trailer to put some personality in her!
The Phenomenal
The Phenomenal 2 godzin temu
Nick fury with a cat Nick furry :);)XDo
Matt Raymonds
Matt Raymonds 2 godzin temu
Whooo hoo
SJP - 2 godzin temu
She really hates old ladies
houe7 2 godzin temu
MCU trailers make me smile
Robertelite Gamer2
Robertelite Gamer2 2 godzin temu
cool trailer
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar 2 godzin temu
Super Saiyans enter the MCU at 1:49. Goku will kill Thanos.
jafairar collins
jafairar collins 2 godzin temu
I feel the next 10 years of marvel is going to suck
jafairar collins
jafairar collins 3 godzin temu
This movie just bores me...I’m not even ready for it honestly. She doesn’t play Carol right. When I think of carol I think of smart fast talk fierce like she had meaning in voice that made you hype.
Mohd Ikmal Hariq
Mohd Ikmal Hariq 3 godzin temu
iwan kurniawan
iwan kurniawan 3 godzin temu
01:50 super saiyan mode GoKu DBZ yeay!!
Xcellent Sir
Xcellent Sir 3 godzin temu
wheres thanos
Dyllan Desko
Dyllan Desko 3 godzin temu
A hard no
Lahardi Permana
Lahardi Permana 3 godzin temu
Nick furry is life ? How ...
fishing inside my house
Dragon Fury
Dragon Fury 3 godzin temu
Thanos is so screwed
LocksAndChains 3 godzin temu
Finally seeing her in action in this trailer has me hyped to see her alongside the others in Endgame...
HelpMeGetVieuws 3 godzin temu
Miss Capain Marvel, We all want that you save Mr iron man. We Will love you and good luck.
OFL Ornamentales Finca del Lago
Hooooo esto es lo bueno 💎💎💎💎💎💎💘💐
Crash Pad
Crash Pad 3 godzin temu
Actually Santa Monica Studios nailed the Nordis Mythology if you know what I'm referring to...
Lykandras 3 godzin temu
Still shite. You get called a hero by other, if you start calling yourself "Im a hero" then you are not. Earn it.
Gekkouga Godzinę temu
"I'm a bit of a hero." - Thor
Xebys Godzinę temu
Lykandras part of the plot twist?!?
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 3 godzin temu
hollyyywood actresss most of it uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..............u can find gud face girllll or model
nasiha hajira
nasiha hajira 3 godzin temu
Wanna see what true power really looks like : 1:50
Rj Schitte
Rj Schitte 3 godzin temu
Tell me guys how to end a war
Xebys Godzinę temu
Rj Schitte 1. Stop fighting for the entity waging a war 2. Then fight the entity itself to stop it from waging anymore war What do you have then after: a PEACEMAKER Does that sound superheroic!?!
maria soleil catanyag
maria soleil catanyag 3 godzin temu
I think captain marvel wpuld kill the freakin thanos
Gurumurthy Vijayagopal
hey cap. would u save tony its urgent
GAMER BOY LIKITH 4 godzin temu
Imagine this fury in modern avengers
gateaux llc
gateaux llc 4 godzin temu
Djingy 4 godzin temu
That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in ages.
Adamatronamus 4 godzin temu
Brie Larson is doing an outstanding job representing just how lifeless and dull modern Captain Marvel comics are. I wish she still had the personality she had pre-2009.
Gekkouga Godzinę temu
dont worry just yet. these trailers failed to show her smartass and sassy side. she'll have some good moments
Natalia 4 godzin temu
she doesn't have what it takes to be captain marvel. shouldve picked a better actress
David. Vox Populi
David. Vox Populi 4 godzin temu
Garbage stereotypical character, that's what happens when you get rushed by Marxists to include a woman as a superhero.
amir firdaus
amir firdaus 4 godzin temu
just pray captain marvel will aim for thanos head..
Alen miklavž
Alen miklavž 4 godzin temu
Watch out Thanos, death by nagging is a bad way to go.
Dexterror 4 godzin temu
It's another boring Marvel, let me guess she has to save the world from something or someone?
mhemz101 4 godzin temu
Cant wait
sumbamotor 4 godzin temu
sumbamotor 4 godzin temu
Daniel Alemu
Daniel Alemu 4 godzin temu
She was always a woman
dragons worgeoh
dragons worgeoh 4 godzin temu
Faizal A
Faizal A 5 godzin temu
i saw picollo there
Ferarri Brown
Ferarri Brown 5 godzin temu
Now everyones gonna be a fan of ms marvel. Just like deadpool smh. New fans suck.. n yes i said ms.
Gekkouga Godzinę temu
big agree
Ma liberté financière
That looks more like a Dragon ball Z
MA English hits
MA English hits 5 godzin temu
Who came here
blackhatt python
blackhatt python Godzinę temu
MA English hits
MA English hits 5 godzin temu
MA English hits
MA English hits 5 godzin temu
MA English hits
MA English hits 5 godzin temu
Green blood 😁😁😀😂
Omkarnath Kar
Omkarnath Kar 5 godzin temu
1:48 is beautiful scene.😍😘😍
Ngọc Ánh
Ngọc Ánh 5 godzin temu
Wow team vietnames mai vietnam vs mlaysia
Tech Insane
Tech Insane 5 godzin temu
captain marvel in End Game..??
Xebys Godzinę temu
Tech Insane very sure!!
He-Man !
He-Man ! 5 godzin temu
It's a shame.. It looks good but the choice of lead is so SO bad. Kinda like Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
Daniel Alemu
Daniel Alemu 4 godzin temu
Muhammad Ilyas
Muhammad Ilyas 5 godzin temu
same scifi bullshit ..dont they got bore with same story ..found you somewhere then make you powerful , got glutches of the past ....blah blah blah i think the population of superheroes is growing more than china
Daniel Alemu
Daniel Alemu 4 godzin temu
DASHING GAMER 5 godzin temu
WTC😂 (what the cat)
Mini Kong
Mini Kong 5 godzin temu
Love the atmosphere, the actresses and actors + the music (it's so epic).... can not wait for watching the final movie within the cinemas! The cat will make the difference in the fight vs Thanos (I am sure)! ^^Jonesy is it you? Great trailer @ Marvel! :D
RagdollAmv's 5 godzin temu
Does anyone else think she’s a really bad actress
Gekkouga Godzinę temu
she won best actor awards
STEVE DRIVER 5 godzin temu
This doesn't feel like it's in the same class as Wonder Woman. It feels very generic. I like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse etc so I have no affiliation with any. I do highly rate the actress though, she's talent.
Vann Studio
Vann Studio 5 godzin temu
seems like a super saiyan to me
ualang puxo
ualang puxo 5 godzin temu
I hope she doesn't go too overpowered so it wouldn't ruin it's thrill knowing she'll win over Thanos.
Mega Zeta
Mega Zeta 6 godzin temu
This was way better than the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth, thirty-fifth, thirty-sixth, thirty-seventh, thirty-eighth, thirty-ninth, fortieth, forty-first, forty-second, forty-third, forty-fourth, forty-fifth, forty-sixth, forty-seventh, forty-eighth, forty-ninth, and fiftieth trailers.
Butt Nuts
Butt Nuts 6 godzin temu
Like, im not gonna fight your war Like, im gonna end it or whatevur
Chris Ling
Chris Ling 6 godzin temu
wow this looks quite bad
PARAS GUPTA 6 godzin temu
Captain Marvel versus superman who will win
Tony J
Tony J 6 godzin temu
I just like bree 😍
Joshua Nanzon
Joshua Nanzon 6 godzin temu
next rogue the movie please...we want rogue!!!
NyKo 6 godzin temu
2:03 Chewie, the most badass animal of the multiverse
Kent Young
Kent Young 6 godzin temu
So ... She will save iron man
JOHN MACOS 6 godzin temu
this makes me want to order salad with no vegetables
Goddey 6 godzin temu
Lowkey this movie looks badass
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 3 godzin temu
You mean highkey
Terrell A'mari
Terrell A'mari 6 godzin temu
Nick Fury: So you’re a race of nobel warriors? Captain Marvel: Social Justice Warrior Heroes
C-MC Official
C-MC Official 3 godzin temu
Jasper Alisson Manahan
Well, I guess he is really Nick Fur-y.
عابر Eber
عابر Eber 7 godzin temu
If her blood is blue then her lips and gums should also be blue, and her pale skin should have a bluish tint instead of the natural red. They haven't thought this through.
Xebys 49 minut temu
I’m very sure they did!! The way they did about a grumpy talking racoon and a talking tree
Justin C
Justin C 7 godzin temu
Cool CGI on Samuel L Jackson
Shelby Ligason
Shelby Ligason 7 godzin temu
1:46 Is what my younger self always envisioned when I dreamed of growing up to be a hero. No matter how many times you get knocked down, you get right back up. I loved Wonder Woman but I have a feeling I'm going to connect with Captain Marvel more.
Abhishek kumar
Abhishek kumar 7 godzin temu
I'm not gonna fight your war.... I'm goona END it..... Avengers END GAME.......
MSH Entakly
MSH Entakly 7 godzin temu
Man she is a flame ♥️
seiren lean
seiren lean 8 godzin temu
fury fixed his eye? o.O
the cartoonist
the cartoonist Godzinę temu
this takes place back before he lost it.
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