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Kygo, Sandro Cavazza - Happy Now (Lyric Video)

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Happy Now ft. Sandro Cavazza out now!
Animation, Motion Graphics, & Co-Editor: Jack Anderson
Animation & Compositing: Give Me Toast
Editor: Mason Prendergast
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#Kygo #HappyNow #Electronic




2 lis 2018

Dance/House/TechnoHappy NowKygoKygo & Sandro Cavazza



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Komentarze 1 170
Michelle Mendez
Michelle Mendez 28 minut temu
Ottavia Cortesi
Ottavia Cortesi 29 minut temu
Avicii we all miss you 🌸☀️🌊 hope you' re finally good
Francesco Medico
Francesco Medico 59 minut temu
I love Kygo
Em Lef
Em Lef Godzinę temu
Avicii right?
Tevv Godzinę temu
Happy now that this song is out!
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma Godzinę temu
MrMaksac 3 godzin temu
Is it only me or Sandro Cavazza sounds like Eros Ramazzotti? 😂
Dinesh Salian
Dinesh Salian 3 godzin temu
Read this in order 1. I woke up 2. Got a girlfriend 3. Got famous 4. Bought a mansion Now read in order 2,3,4,1
Jack AP
Jack AP 7 godzin temu
Jack AP
Jack AP 7 godzin temu
Avicii #Legends never die ❤️
Music 7 godzin temu
This reminds me of Avicii. So I cry now, but I’m happy now.
Skyrim Marvel94
Skyrim Marvel94 15 godzin temu My simple cinematic view.. Sorry if i use this track
TinaCakes 16 godzin temu
Another hit Kygo!!!!! 🙌🏻💙
Lucie Šanková
Lucie Šanková 16 godzin temu
The best song
David Sainz
David Sainz 17 godzin temu
I hope you’re happy now.
Naomi Brock
Naomi Brock 19 godzin temu
Basically Happier by Marshmello
Oğuz Stark
Oğuz Stark Godzinę temu
sipher nik
sipher nik 19 godzin temu
Thank you Kygo & Sandro for this beautiful song. Perfect combination to remember someone lost and still be happy!
Melanie Do
Melanie Do 20 godzin temu
It reminds me a person who I don't talk to him like we used to do, but I'm happy to know he's fine with or without me
kill 6690
kill 6690 22 godzin temu
i want to try likes please click like
Len Paros Diablo
Len Paros Diablo Dzień temu
In my opinion this is one of the best songs for those that are having a heartbreak, thanks to this song i feel like i'm having a much easier way dealing with heartbreaks. Thx kygo, you are the best
stack mack
stack mack Dzień temu
Sujatha Ramakrishnan
Like for kygo's happy now Reply for zedd's happy now
Irene Wahome
Irene Wahome Dzień temu
Awesome, can't get enough of this beautiful amazing song
Totan Noatia
Totan Noatia Dzień temu
red rek
red rek Dzień temu
M D R Dzień temu
This song just relates to my life soo much. Hopeful.....
dimitri joxadze
dimitri joxadze Dzień temu
Before 5 million?
Rubo Garcia
Rubo Garcia Dzień temu
Amazing song 🎶❣️
Miss *Avicii* Thanks for reminding him. ❤️😔☺️🎵
joanne adela
joanne adela Dzień temu
palm tree crew 🌴
Ncr 95
Ncr 95 Dzień temu
Dominika Betlej
Dominika Betlej Dzień temu
Avicii vibes
Moosh Dzień temu
What we can do right now is not cry. Just looking up the sky and never forget Tim in our hearts. Because Tim won’t fade into darkness.
Aarish Rahman
Aarish Rahman Dzień temu
shut up everyone about avicii he is not avicii he is kygo
Aleš Bajc
Aleš Bajc Dzień temu
Im glad that Kygo got Avicii tattoo, and thats why im glad that he put his vibes in this song ! respect!
Rubymar Lutz
Rubymar Lutz Dzień temu
my dear kygo!! ❤
Aleš Bajc
Aleš Bajc Dzień temu
this is for Avicii !!!
Dreamville Dzień temu
I’m going through breakup now, and it hurts but this song seems to give me hope. thank you for this kygo ❤️
Twìłíght Dāwñ
Twìłíght Dāwñ Dzień temu
You and me it was good but it wasn't right 🎶 damn I wish I never met a fucking guy like you
Kanishk Devda
Kanishk Devda Dzień temu
As always kygo has given his best Luv u kygo😍😍
Anyone else notice the auto tune between 0:59 to 1:12
Ramazan Cüce
Ramazan Cüce 2 dni temu
Bir Türk olarak yerimi alayım bu parça tutar
Oğuz Stark
Oğuz Stark Godzinę temu
Muhteşem bir eser ama tutmaz gibi bro
lou borelli
lou borelli 2 dni temu
Te Amo Kygo
derick ling
derick ling 2 dni temu
i miss avicii when i listen this song😢
ravi s
ravi s 2 dni temu
😭😭😢 sadly she is with someone else 💔
sem1ra sem1ra
sem1ra sem1ra 2 dni temu
I love i love youuuuuu kygo
manish sinha
manish sinha 2 dni temu
I let go and i hope you be happy now
TheModer8ter 2 dni temu
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believes on me has everlasting life. - Jesus (John 6:47) Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, was buried and rose from the dead 3 days later. Simply believe in this and you have everlasting life in heaven.
Shivansh Semwal
Shivansh Semwal 2 dni temu
Avicii❤ In our hearts. ALWAYS
Gandhi Truth
Gandhi Truth 2 dni temu
Tropical Electro Music ....
Chris Koksi
Chris Koksi 2 dni temu
I don't get it, why the word "happy" is used in this relation. Can someone explain me ?
tiaus sardar
tiaus sardar 2 dni temu
thank you KYGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agus Arie Wibowo
Agus Arie Wibowo 2 dni temu
Love u Kygo From Indonesia
Xerex Caro
Xerex Caro 2 dni temu
You remind me of avicii
Tania Castillo
Tania Castillo 2 dni temu
I'm happy know
Heigrujam Roger
Heigrujam Roger 2 dni temu
My new favourite song.
Manish Shetty
Manish Shetty 2 dni temu
Kygo_ avicii
Vered Rose
Vered Rose 2 dni temu
This song is unreal! Literally speaks to my Soul. Love you Kygo and Sandro. Avicii in all of our hearts too.
Shristyy Bhattarai
Wooh At 3:00 on the left corner That's Avicii◢◤
DEVIL HAND 2 dni temu
Yeah.. I think avici will be happy now.. 😘
DEVIL HAND 2 dni temu
Love from India 🇮🇳
kshwveb 2 dni temu
*_Sandro Cavazza sings in all of the Avicii songs😢_*
Abishek DJs
Abishek DJs 2 dni temu
Muzhgan Jafar
Muzhgan Jafar 2 dni temu
Thank Both of You💚
Mes Rendez-Vous
Mes Rendez-Vous 2 dni temu
hello from France :)
bame bame
bame bame 2 dni temu
1.25 SPEED
Harris Ruslan
Harris Ruslan 2 dni temu
this is pure bliss
Lovelyboy Sergio
Lovelyboy Sergio 3 dni temu
I love it
Joasa Whyz
Joasa Whyz 3 dni temu
Loved your stuff dude💓
Azren Odquin
Azren Odquin 3 dni temu
Sounds like avicii :)
Matteo DP
Matteo DP 3 dni temu
Strepitosa!! The best ever of @kygoMusic!
czar ceàser
czar ceàser 3 dni temu
Nd kygo is back
Amit Bhandari
Amit Bhandari 3 dni temu
Music is so gooooooooooooooood
Iva Kovacevic
Iva Kovacevic 3 dni temu
Optional Gaming
Optional Gaming 3 dni temu
This song reminds me about Avicii! Now I’m happy now! 🤣👌☺️🔥
DJ_DJIRT. 23 3 dni temu
This sounds a lot like Avicii
Emiliani Medrano
Emiliani Medrano 3 dni temu
Happy Now :O :)
Dr Frog
Dr Frog 3 dni temu
my heart :') this lyrics is so freaking good :')
iman 777222
iman 777222 3 dni temu
jesús clemente garcia
This song is a Masterpiece
Joel De la cruz palomino
Kigo 🎵🎶🎧🎹❤❤2018 peru
abelardo 3 dni temu
abelardo 3 dni temu
esperando el video oficial
NightcoRe RemiX
NightcoRe RemiX 3 dni temu
why does this sound like it came out of moana
Francesca Lirio
Francesca Lirio 3 dni temu
I love you Kygo ❤️
Hi AVICII how are you? 😭😭😭❤️
ZAJP 3 dni temu
The happy Pancake
What can i say ??❤️❤️
Prajwal Garje
Prajwal Garje 3 dni temu
Just can't shake these vibes... ❤❤😍💯👅❤
Soumit Ghosh
Soumit Ghosh 3 dni temu
lyrics are so meaningful , realistic that it can make happy any broken or depressed person , just like Me :)
Felix Stenmark
Felix Stenmark 3 dni temu
One of the best songs I've ever heard
SAFWAT AHMAD 4 dni temu
Lyrics and music 😍....kygo ❤️
Maria Claudia Bandeira de Mello Garcia
😍the best song
faybo DJ
faybo DJ 4 dni temu This is my remix hope u guys love it
Tetr vet
Tetr vet 4 dni temu
Who else is glad to be here before 1 million views
Christy Richardson
You will love this remix too! 💙
NITISH 4 dni temu
*Reminds Me Avicii* 😭😭😭
Harris Smith
Harris Smith 4 dni temu | cover by 7 years old girl