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Imagine Dragons - Machine (Lyrics | Lyric Video)

Claudia Caballero
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31 paź 2018



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Komentarze 142
Malik Ubaid
Malik Ubaid Godzinę temu
Imagining the imagine
Leang 2 godzin temu
° ° ___
Kyla Mann
Kyla Mann 17 godzin temu
I love imagine dragons and this just blew the roof of the house it is so good. Like if you agree.
BNMB 20 godzin temu
Dope song from my favorite band. Everytime they make a song/album it's always great.
coolmelike 123
coolmelike 123 Dzień temu
awesome song!!!!!! like always!
Allyson Lesho
Allyson Lesho Dzień temu
A part of your machine!!!👍👍👍👍💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️🎧
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta 2 dni temu
I am the machine
Hardik Gupta
Hardik Gupta 23 godzin temu
Thank you for liking my comment
reid hutcheson
reid hutcheson 3 dni temu
I went to their evolve concert
reid hutcheson
reid hutcheson 3 dni temu
I'm stoked to
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 4 dni temu
Exmormons believe these lyrics are about the corporation of the Mormon church trying to see if they can get Dan to “work” for them the way they got Brandon Flowers of the Killers and Lindsey Stirling to do their bidding. Dan is fighting their cruel LGBTQ policies and is vocal about it.
Diana THINGSS 5 dni temu
i love this song, Origins is full of amazing songs
Connor Barclay
Connor Barclay 6 dni temu
Even better sped up
hamdi ezio
hamdi ezio 6 dni temu
Try 1.25x
H-005 7 dni temu
:) Love this song :) like the others, this is another piece of art. GG Imagine Dragons
Legiti Mate
Legiti Mate 8 dni temu
Wait... A guitar solo? YAS.
Lisa Graydawn
Lisa Graydawn 3 dni temu
Pro Co
Pro Co 7 dni temu
Mino Gizmo
Mino Gizmo 8 dni temu
Sermon's solo is the best part
Paula x
Paula x 8 dni temu
What is it with this band !! .... omg another amazing track 😍😍
Rohan Thomas Paul
I hope Bert kreischer features in the official video
Perla Mercader
Perla Mercader 9 dni temu
Alice Walker
Alice Walker 9 dni temu
Shannon Hopkins
Shannon Hopkins 9 dni temu
Great song but reminds me of a song I canr put my finger on right now tho
Jordan Is The best
I am the machine... This is a jab at the public eye and music industry.... Love it!
Vanessa Koehler
Vanessa Koehler 9 dni temu
Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😖😖😖😖😖😖😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😰😰😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😢😢😢😢 Nice Job Imagine Dragons love you guys!!!
BMB_LagZ Official
New favorite song. Period.
Pro Co
Pro Co 7 dni temu
vanshika Singh
vanshika Singh 10 dni temu
All hail imagine dragons
azuarrisa 10 dni temu
Imagine dragons forever!!
Ivan Imagine
Ivan Imagine 10 dni temu
Gracias :) r
aminami 10 dni temu
2:20 *you're instead of you
Neonplexag 10 dni temu
is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie Pedersen
Debbie Pedersen 10 dni temu
The Mormon Machine, or the Illuminati Machine?
Damián Dranga
Damián Dranga 10 dni temu
TheAwsomeNoob73 77
TheAwsomeNoob73 77 10 dni temu
I love this song it is my 2 sencond time listening to it
Manuel Cusipuma
Manuel Cusipuma 10 dni temu
can someone explain me this?
Hannah Nope
Hannah Nope 9 dni temu
I think its about being independent and being your own 'machine', not just a piece in someone else's.
Kemal Zahran
Kemal Zahran 11 dni temu
Good game
Ari A
Ari A 11 dni temu
Hermione Malfoy
Hermione Malfoy 11 dni temu
This an awesome song
Marta Baldi
Marta Baldi 11 dni temu
i adore it
Robert Pike
Robert Pike 11 dni temu
I love all most every imagin dragons song this one being one of them and it's so easy to sing all of their song it's so fun to sing along.
Tiffany Churchwell
Tiffany Churchwell 11 dni temu
#Imagine DRAGONS for life
Loki 11 dni temu
when your stomach growls in class 'i'm not scared of the beast in the belly'
Felipe Alves
Felipe Alves 5 dni temu
This is Naruto whith Kurama
Pro Co
Pro Co 7 dni temu
LOL. My whole family laughed
Jayden TJD
Jayden TJD 11 dni temu
Who else thinks this would go great with the movie Astro Boy
Christian Eatmon
Christian Eatmon 11 dni temu
Kristine Wojtkiewicz
Love love love this song & this band! Much respect for the message they’re sending to humanity & to the elite that think we are their slaves & can do with us what they will. So if you catch my drift take your seat at the table & stand up! Make your presence known & create a legacy that will serve the future generations well! The beast can only be defeated by those who fear nothing! So don’t be sheep be DRAGONS & make a stand for a needed change!
Autumn & Eaddie Sanchez
I feel you all of their songs have such great lyrics and messages too that is one of the main reasons why I am so obsessed with them but you can't forget how catchy their songs are either
Alexander Watts
Alexander Watts 12 dni temu
This just sounds like the anthem to fallout 4
Josue Virgen
Josue Virgen 12 dni temu
All my life :V
Gabriel Dziuba
Gabriel Dziuba 12 dni temu
Imagine Dragons is life :)
Diana THINGSS 5 dni temu
Débora Regina
Débora Regina 8 dni temu
is real
SP Cooper
SP Cooper 12 dni temu
72 comment and I really like the lyrics version! The new song’s awesome!
Darkseed Supreme
Darkseed Supreme 12 dni temu
CassiKat 12 dni temu
This??? Reminds me of Detroit Become Human??? I love it
Pro Co
Pro Co 7 dni temu
SUPERJULIAN 02 12 dni temu
Man I'm sorry but I need to tell that I find that imagine dragons became so much worse. Night visions is the greatest album ever without doubt. Smoke and mirrors and evolve were kind of two different parts of the night vision spirit. Not as good - not as complete and perfect as night visions but still awesome. The new songs just combine the bad sides of those two albums two something that is not too flashing or unique but rather kind of boring. The style kind of reminds me of American authors which is fine but far away from what they used to be unfortunately. Hope you can understand what I mean and didn't die reading it because of the way I put it.
Cameron Scully
Cameron Scully 12 dni temu
1:44 that switch tho
Elemental Creeper
Elemental Creeper 12 dni temu
1:45 best part
E.D.S 13 dni temu
Music 8D
Music 8D 13 dni temu
Imagine Dragons - Machine (8D AUDIO) this track in 8D quality is already on my channel! Listen only with headphones! I hope you will like it)
Black Fire
Black Fire 13 dni temu
Do u want Lyrics with MCU moments here it is:
AboveFirstClass com
Another solid song by a refreshingly solid group.
MrGaming1000 2.0
MrGaming1000 2.0 13 dni temu
IBID jr 13 dni temu
One of the best songs ever
Divyansh Johari
Divyansh Johari 13 dni temu
Hi everyone..... I just did a cover of Machine by Imagine Dragons .... And it'd mean a lot if you could check it out and give your reviews in the comments box !!
0:16 wrong there
Lxandra B
Lxandra B 13 dni temu
damn, someone needs to learn to English
Angelo Barbone
Angelo Barbone 13 dni temu
After a metal cover of believer and the release of natural, I thought I could like imagine dragons But honestly they're not my genre, sorry
Dallas Mueller
Dallas Mueller 13 dni temu
Dallas Mueller
Dallas Mueller 13 dni temu
20,269 views and 775 like..........
Eivind 13 dni temu
just made a lyrics video to this! my favorite band
Zapping5 13 dni temu
Am I the only one stoked for this album. This song sums up what I was seeing in Evolve. Dan is sick and tired of doing only what the public eye wants. This is like his jab at the big Industry for music, saying that he isn't gonna be a part of their machine, he is gonna paint this town in his very own vision. I hope this album sounds more like Night Visions and Smoke and Mirrors. I think its time for Dan to go back to his Origins and write music he enjoys.
coolmelike 123
coolmelike 123 Dzień temu
yeah you're wright
Fleur Brethouwer
Fleur Brethouwer 8 dni temu
I have to agree even tho I do really like evolve and most of the songs. I really hope he finds back his own sound and vision and that we get to see that in origins! So far I'm really enjoying all the new singles!!
Kristine Wojtkiewicz
Zapping5 Bc in The Book of Revelations it talks about an awakening that takes place within mankind. For those who have experienced this process you begin to realize that The Matrix has a deep truth rooted within it & that “you born unto a life of slavery that which you know not exists.” And those left within this altered state of consciousness are subconsciously doing the work to carry out an agenda that suppresses humanity. That’s why Morphious tells Neo that if they are not part of their group they are the enemy simply bc they can be programmed to work against You. This is the slavery that exists that so many people don’t understand. This is why he is saying he’s not “for sale” nor is he “part of the machine” which is programming of those still fast asleep. Their song “Warriors” talks about this & so does “Ready, AIM, Fire.” I’m not one to preach religion & it’s not religion that I’m trying to throw at you it is a deep hidden truth & THAT is the very petition he trying to awaken people to. This is why I LOVE THIS BAND! They are taking a stand against a powerful universal enterprise & using music to influence the masses to wake up to stop suppressing humanity.
Kristine Wojtkiewicz
Zapping5 I kinda look at it in reference to The Book if Revelations referring to the Beast depicted in there which is metaphorically said to be a machine. However big industries, corporate politics, religion all plays a part in it with few knowing what they are doing because they are asleep. That’s why he is referring to “waking up” in “Radioactive.” I catch a ton of biblical references in their music referring to the war of good & evil. We all take the music our own way as long as it inspires us in a positive manner it’s poetic alchemy working divine magic in wonderous ways!
FireWolfX12 11 dni temu
Yeah, your right
Charlotte Reynolds
Charlotte Reynolds 13 dni temu
My new favourite song! 😍😍
EADDIE SANCHEZ 13 dni temu
Like this if you see it
EADDIE SANCHEZ 13 dni temu
I am obsessed with this and I think it is crazy because if you scroll down a little bit there is someone with the exact same name as me and I think that it is insane and I have that exact same picture and we love the same music
Neris Velasquez
Neris Velasquez 13 dni temu
*beep boop baap*
traffic lyrics
traffic lyrics 13 dni temu
can you tell me how do you get the licenses of songs to make lyrics ?
traffic lyrics
traffic lyrics 13 dni temu
Do you know how to get PLvid licenses?
traffic lyrics
traffic lyrics 13 dni temu
+The Firebreather yes, but sometimes not
The Firebreather
The Firebreather 13 dni temu
+traffic lyrics sometimes the video goes under radar for a couple of days before it is discovered and deleted or at least, being blocked from revenue and/or be shown in some devices and/or countries.
traffic lyrics
traffic lyrics 13 dni temu
+The Firebreather so, how could this video ?
The Firebreather
The Firebreather 13 dni temu
+traffic lyrics you simply cant have the license of imagine dragons' songs.
Dagmar Huttarsch-Pfeffer
wow, Great it!!!!
I'm A PANDA 13 dni temu
bharath kumar
bharath kumar 13 dni temu
Best band🤩🤩
Neo , the Awesome
Neo , the Awesome 13 dni temu
37th comment. Love it 💜💜
Raymond Chesang
Raymond Chesang 13 dni temu
Love this song man💪
Kym Rush
Kym Rush 14 dni temu
My Mom's Son
My Mom's Son 14 dni temu
Noelson Garbosa
Noelson Garbosa 14 dni temu
oh boiz
anmol Kumar
anmol Kumar 14 dni temu
ID realeased 2 labum this yr ways to go
humara younus
humara younus 14 dni temu
28!!! and boi Imagine Dragons make you feel like they understand you. As if they've been through what you've been through the connect is so deep.
BalancedLoki Gaming
humara younus The Beast in the Belly is me before I eat
Wellysson Lima
Wellysson Lima 8 dni temu
Parabéns pela musica
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo 8 dni temu
Ur right on that for sure
STIN YT 14 dni temu
NooLyrics 14 dni temu
Imagine dragons has done it again!
Autumn & Eaddie Sanchez
I can not express inn any way how amazing they are
Autumn & Eaddie Sanchez
I guess you could say I am a fan
Rishit Sheth
Rishit Sheth 14 dni temu
The starting of the song feels like it was written by phoebe buffay😂😂😂
Sam G
Sam G 10 dni temu
hartik gandhi
hartik gandhi 13 dni temu
but still, 1 republic is love and they are way better
Autumn & Eaddie Sanchez
My resolution was to learn every imagine dragons song this year and I am going to do so by learning every new song that comes out by them as soon as possible
Jacob Schroeder
Jacob Schroeder 14 dni temu
Madhi vanan
Madhi vanan 14 dni temu
Karson Morris
Karson Morris 14 dni temu
20th lul
Torpedo96 x
Torpedo96 x 14 dni temu
*IMAGINE DRAGONS MACHINE* *LYRICS* All my life been sittin' at the table Watchin' them kids, they're living in a fable Looks, luck, money and never left a'wishin' But now it's 'bout time to raise up and petition All my life been sittin' at the table Watching them kids, they're living in a fable Looks, luck, money and never left a'wishin' Now it's 'bout time to stand up and petition 'Cause I've been wondering When you gonna see I'm not for sale I've been questioning When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine Not a part of your machine I'm not scared of what you're gonna tell me And I'm not scared of the beast in the belly Fill my cup with endless ambition And paint this town with my very own vision I'm not scared of what you're gonna tell me And I'm not scared of the beast in the belly Fill my cup with endless ambition And paint this town with my very own vision 'Cause I've been wondering When you gonna see I'm not for sale I've been questioning When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine Not a part of your machine I am the machine 'Cause I've been wondering When you gonna see I'm not for sale I've been questioning When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine Not a part of your machine 'Cause I've been wondering When you gonna see I'm not for sale I've been questioning When you gonna see I'm not a part of your machine Not a part of your machine I am the machine
James Eubanks
James Eubanks 14 dni temu
TheBigTwinsFan 14 dni temu
I’m the 16th comment and I think this song is SO DANG RAD I LOVE THIS song and please like if you agree.
Pr10gun 11 dni temu
What is the point of liking? Does your EGO feels better now when I like it. *savage*
Kylie Rowell
Kylie Rowell 14 dni temu
14th love this songggg
Bebo Minecraft
Bebo Minecraft 14 dni temu
Tio Todoroki Feller
DaimYo5 14 dni temu
long live the Dragons !!
Jimmy Ugalde
Jimmy Ugalde Dzień temu
I don't speak inglish :v
GalacticTiger 234
GalacticTiger 234 Dzień temu
Yes long live the dragons
Klajdi Goga
Klajdi Goga 14 dni temu
8th!!!Every single word in this song is worth listening to!LOVE IT
Theologos Del
Theologos Del 14 dni temu
tatwatyou Lawley
tatwatyou Lawley 14 dni temu