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Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar (Lyrics)

Shadow Music
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Imagine Dragons - Bad Liar (Lyrics)
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Lyric video for Imagine Dragons performing "Bad Liar".




6 lis 2018

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Komentarze 255
Eshazul 2 godzin temu
"Paradise tearing at the seams" i wanna burst into tears hearing that because i feel so impacted by those lyrics, rememberance of bad events 😔
J Jeon
J Jeon 6 godzin temu
@parents *i cant be what you want me to be, believe me this one time*
pradipsinh gohil
pradipsinh gohil 9 godzin temu
Yes i m also bad liar..!!! You're free to go...but i m always available for u
GhostlyLifeWind 11 godzin temu
Holy crap dis song means about my life!
Activity A.M.
Activity A.M. 17 godzin temu
It sounds like my ex is literally screaming these words at me
BNMB 19 godzin temu
I'm holding back tears, this song is so powerful. 😭😭
Nadun Wijesinghe
Nadun Wijesinghe 22 godzin temu
My favourite part: *Look me in the eye Tell me what u see? Perfect paradise......*
Phainos Chakawa
Phainos Chakawa Dzień temu
lit also a bad liar
Anonymous fan
Anonymous fan Dzień temu
im a *bed liar*
Rooprenu Shekhawat
Rooprenu Shekhawat Dzień temu
And everyone is going crazy because of Taki taki
Vahram Chalabyan
Vahram Chalabyan Dzień temu
mmmmm Who is ''Darlin''
Mohamed Essam
Mohamed Essam 2 dni temu
Amazing ❤
Chaoswarlord33 2 dni temu
I have been going through a rough year, with a failing marriage, failing happiness and dreams, trying to speak with a voice not connected to my heart and soul. I sobbed through this when i first heard it, the raw emotion and soul bled and forged into this song is unbelievable and enough to keep this song as my inspiration to the last stride of this year.
vallari patil
vallari patil 2 dni temu
What a song! ❤
Katelyn Sings
Katelyn Sings 2 dni temu
Just did a cover of this on my channel would appreciate if anyone watched it 😘☺️
bharadwaj Murri
bharadwaj Murri 3 dni temu
So nice pics in this video and nice timing
Nisrina Nabihah
Nisrina Nabihah 3 dni temu
I'm crying..😢
Abrar Tahsan
Abrar Tahsan 3 dni temu
Wiktoria Mróz
Wiktoria Mróz 3 dni temu
Saad Khan
Saad Khan 3 dni temu
Who was here before 1 million
IzabelaYT 3 dni temu
abdo music
abdo music 3 dni temu
Watch bad liar in my channel
Muralidhar Behera
Maria Alves
Maria Alves 4 dni temu
The world is full of bad liars.
TheUgly Sunshine
TheUgly Sunshine 4 dni temu
I'm bad liar got me survived!
Fatima Abdulsalam
I would like to know the inspiration of this song and what it means. I know its a sad song but what is he tryna say?
mounesh manegar
mounesh manegar 4 dni temu
Did all my dreams never mean one thing does happiness lieln a diamond ring oh I,ve been asking for oh I,ve been asking for problems,problems problems
Daniel Cha
Daniel Cha 4 dni temu
Just made a cover of this here on my channel!
francis rommel zapatos
Real man accepts and understands own's weaknesses.
Pression Reason
Pression Reason 4 dni temu
What a deep meaning. You guys are awesome
Lucky Jain
Lucky Jain 4 dni temu
After demons this touched the soul😍😍
Jennifer Hadaway
Jennifer Hadaway 4 dni temu
Damn...I fucking love Imagine Dragons.
Dia Lovena
Dia Lovena 5 dni temu
Невероятная песня💗😍
Bisan Wardeh
Bisan Wardeh 5 dni temu
Prashnit Singh
Prashnit Singh 5 dni temu
thank you for this shadow music...
The_crimson_girl 5 dni temu
a perfect, heartfelt divorce song I guess....but I guess I fell in love with it..
Elif KANAT 3 dni temu
"Dan Reynolds and Aja Wolkman again together? About "Bad Liar" " watch it. You'll understand.
Craftyspider 06
Craftyspider 06 5 dni temu
Best one yet omg wow
Trippy8D 5 dni temu
I just posted the 8D audio version of this !
Cecília Niara
Cecília Niara 5 dni temu
dirt232323 5 dni temu
Nice tune 🔥
R4miro 770
R4miro 770 5 dni temu
I like good things, i like Imagine Dragons.
Cole Trankler
Cole Trankler 5 dni temu
When I try to lie to mom... the background "I'M A BAD LAIR"
Weesky 5 dni temu
You're free to go ....................
my name is milo
my name is milo 5 dni temu
Can't wait for this video to be taken down 😒
Cole Trankler
Cole Trankler 5 dni temu
I shall never be tooken down! So ya... go suck eggs.
Superb Vibes
Superb Vibes 5 dni temu
can anyone told me this font name.Please
dashi perera
dashi perera 5 dni temu
Why is this so fucking relatable 😭
Michala Campbell
Michala Campbell 5 dni temu
I hear 'wild fire'whenever he says bad liaaaaar
Tanya J.
Tanya J. 5 dni temu
Imagine Dragons read my life situation on this one! 😢😭😢😭😢
Mahri TV
Mahri TV 6 dni temu
*imagine dragons origins full album dans ma chaine*
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen Dzień temu
Ah une personne qui parle français
Angelica Figueroa Velasco
Que dijo
Angelica Figueroa Velasco
Mahri TV
Mahri TV 6 dni temu
*imagine dragons origins full album dans ma chaine*
Dragonsburn2 6 dni temu
Crying along with a zillion other broken hearts. But that’s what you guys do best. Thank you✌️😍
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar 6 dni temu
They r beyond imaginations❤
Just Music
Just Music 6 dni temu
This song is so perfect, can't stop listening to it
Pierruno 6 dni temu
So good Bro 😍
mohd nasrul
mohd nasrul 6 dni temu
Use this song to make a one piece tribute video
Nguyễn Quang Anh
The back ground is so beautiful. makes me feel so comfortable.👌🏻😘🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🌾💐🌷🌹
Pratap Vamshi
Pratap Vamshi 6 dni temu
Irsyad Khoiri
Irsyad Khoiri 6 dni temu
Navin Patil
Navin Patil 6 dni temu
Great songs back to back.... consistently.... Simply amazing!! 😀
Dhanashri Purandare
Sounds like the good old imagine dragon days
Sameer A.H
Sameer A.H 6 dni temu
I cried to this no joke 😂
Andy Vargas
Andy Vargas 6 dni temu
So look me in the eyes tell me what you see perfect paradise tearing at the seams
Andy Vargas
Andy Vargas 6 dni temu
Trust me please 😳😦
This song sucks Of course it doesnt it's imagine dragons Im such a bad liar
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 6 dni temu
I'm a Vampire!!!
sucatt game Free fire
I really liked the song.❤
Kayleen Vinuya
Kayleen Vinuya 6 dni temu
Is it crooked eye tears and not crocodile tears?
Yeet Yoot
Yeet Yoot 6 dni temu
"Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see. Perfect paradise tearing at the seams. I wish I could escape it, I don't wanna fake it. Wish I could erase it, make your heart believe... But I'm a bad liar" This song lowkey made me cry
RealWolfGirl Dzień temu
Yeet Yoot
Keyleen Argueta
Keyleen Argueta 4 dni temu
This song made me cry. period.
Eun An
Eun An 5 dni temu
Again it happened again... howwww
Yeet Yoot
Yeet Yoot 5 dni temu
+Eun An perfect timing I guess lmao
Eun An
Eun An 5 dni temu
While I'm listening to this song I look through th comments and I came apon this comment while this part was being played in the video... LOL how
Mena Allah Ibrahim
I love thisssssss💜💜💜
Olenka Biki
Olenka Biki 6 dni temu
sounds even better when you speed it up at 1.25
Sam Ledesma
Sam Ledesma 6 dni temu
Everyone going so fast on uploads haha ! thanks for sharing (^_^) I think it's so catchy and sounds a little like somebody just like this in the bridge If someone is interested, I am a small producer and I made a cover with strings harmony ^_^)/
Beyza Arı
Beyza Arı 6 dni temu
İmagine dragons ❤🔥❤🔥🇹🇷
Daniel Sarmini
Daniel Sarmini 6 dni temu
Commenter n° 126
Asatur Sarkisyan
Asatur Sarkisyan 6 dni temu
Imagine Dragons I just adore you!!!
Azim Boboy
Azim Boboy 7 dni temu
Why i hear it's " now you GO " instead of " now you know " 😅 anyone?
Ancha Fourie
Ancha Fourie 7 dni temu
Thanks for being so quick!
Samsul Bahdi
Samsul Bahdi 7 dni temu
Imagine dragons-bad liar lyrics
Θωμας Κυριτσης
wish i could escape it i dont want to fake it i wish i could erase it make your heart believe +1 if it is your favourite line
Detrick 7 dni temu
"Look me in the eye. Tell me what you see" Me: uhhh, just some demons hiding
Atlas107 11 godzin temu
Detrick 😂 good one bro
Anna Zulato
Anna Zulato 2 dni temu
nour malkawi
nour malkawi 2 dni temu
You just got me ❤️❤️
Kim 5 dni temu
+Jaymie Cook it's a reference to Demons
raghav mehta
raghav mehta 7 dni temu
Complete change . I've heard their thunder and now this . They've just nailed it . And also it's much better than Selena's bad liar
Divyansh Johari
Divyansh Johari 7 dni temu
Who else thinks that Imagine Dragons SUCK at making bad music ??
Divyansh Johari
Divyansh Johari 7 dni temu
Who else thinks that Imagine Dragons SUCK at making bad music ??
Robert Locke
Robert Locke 7 dni temu
just learned the whole song so happy
Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens 7 dni temu
I hate this song,guess I'm a bad liar
N&S Hanson
N&S Hanson 21 godzinę temu
Angelica Figueroa Velasco
Hlaaaaaaa o how you mm no lo se rik parese falso
Holly Park
Holly Park 3 dni temu
Eun An
Eun An 3 dni temu
This should get at least 1 thousand likes
Mohammed Shadab
Mohammed Shadab 5 dni temu
Gud one
MusicForHours 7 dni temu
Everytime i put effort into lyric video's and i see this stuff i wonder why i still do it.. Next time i guess i'll just stop timing and moving the text, but just let it fade in and out would take 10% of the time..
Hamilcat 7 dni temu
I'm getting surgery the day this album comes out... I don't know if I should be excited or scared for Friday..!
Umbreon King
Umbreon King 7 dni temu
katie r
katie r 7 dni temu
imagine dragons is awesome like if agre
mayra mantari monrroy
Will Bolton
Will Bolton 7 dni temu
Nice & early! :)
ifrah raza
ifrah raza 7 dni temu
Imagine dragons never disappoint.
Rashad Lol
Rashad Lol 7 dni temu
This song in x1.25
Lisa B
Lisa B 7 dni temu
I just wanna say thank you. Masterpiece 🙏🏼
Joanna Wrzeszcz
Joanna Wrzeszcz 7 dni temu
❤ Poland
Jelsa 101
Jelsa 101 7 dni temu
Yay! Obsessed with this song!
Owen1516 7 dni temu
swear it's impossible for these to make a bad song
Shax H
Shax H 7 dni temu
CDrummer Gaming
CDrummer Gaming 7 dni temu
Bro, this song hits hard. If you actually listen to all of the lyrics it's pretty sad.
Apollo Nightfall
Apollo Nightfall 17 godzin temu
CDrummer Gaming It's sad, but it's also literally my life, so I'm used to it.
Maria Alves
Maria Alves 4 dni temu
Mainly when you ve been a victim of a bad liar. Sad indeed.
XxxIvyNinja Xx
XxxIvyNinja Xx 4 dni temu