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Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky [Official Music Video]

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The official music video for Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black’s “Wake Up In The Sky” - available now!
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Director: Bruno Mars & Florent Dechard
Produced By Jeremy Sullivan
Colored by: olio creative
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31 paź 2018

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Komentarze 40 172
Crypti_cal 2 godzin temu
Name a group better than Migos *Kodak,Gucci, and Bruno are typing*
Emily Montanez
Emily Montanez 2 godzin temu
Kodak can like, leave. Imma skip his part cause the rest of the song is really good lol
Cruz Olivas
Cruz Olivas 2 godzin temu
Bruno looks like a tranny doll looking mufuker
Rich Dead
Rich Dead 3 godzin temu
Kodak you look really good with that outfi- No Kodak leave your shirt on Kodak please Okay Kodak is shirtless
Kingbear24 3 godzin temu
Kodak is the definition of girls only fucking with him cus if his money cus he ugly af lol
Professor Snippety-snaps
Why is Bruno so damn hot jesus
Yo Bier Wanna Come Out Here
Bruno Mars coming out of nowere and making a entrance :p
Jay Bryant
Jay Bryant 3 godzin temu
I'm I'm Super Fly
Gabriel Trent
Gabriel Trent 3 godzin temu
No love for gucci mane wow. That nigga killed it.
PussyDestroyer 6969
PussyDestroyer 6969 3 godzin temu
I showed this to my principal Now I'm suspended
Dasianique Lester
Dasianique Lester 3 godzin temu
i like this song 😁✌
Akeiya Jones
Akeiya Jones 3 godzin temu
0.75x speed 😭 also 1.25x✨
Kayla The Aries
Kayla The Aries 3 godzin temu
kodak finna bust out that shirt.
novek comedy premiere life style
2:58 when sister leaves chicken in her plate and went to bed
Betting On Becca
Betting On Becca 3 godzin temu
I would’ve never expected this collab or put it together but it’s definitely nice ✨
Betting On Becca
Betting On Becca 3 godzin temu
Lol I can only imagine them trying to teach Kodak this choreo, too funny
Chase Neilson
Chase Neilson 3 godzin temu
2:38glee 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alejandra Murguia
Alejandra Murguia 3 godzin temu
Drink till I’m drunk smoke till I’m high castle on the hill wake up in the sky u cant tell me I ain’t flyyyy I know I’m super fly the lady’s love luxery that why they all fuck with me.
Dom Chasing
Dom Chasing 3 godzin temu
Jann Hunter
Jann Hunter 3 godzin temu
Word of the day Fly
Rocky Savage
Rocky Savage 4 godzin temu
This is such a bop
dennisah oliphant
dennisah oliphant 4 godzin temu
You killed it free Kodak love you
Sam Tucker
Sam Tucker 4 godzin temu
So I guess Bruno been pimpin?
Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell 4 godzin temu
Ill tell yall right now all Gucci ICE ❄️is HIS 👆🏾
Lean King
Lean King 4 godzin temu
This song turned into a meme
Billijo Mccallum
Billijo Mccallum 4 godzin temu
BILL....U DID THIS I LUV U.. These 3 tho ........can we get some more...
CARTIER 4 godzin temu
Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez 4 godzin temu
Kodak black king yoo!!!
Alvan Arib Khan
Alvan Arib Khan 4 godzin temu
My comments always gets vanished and never get likes.... so I thought, why not me myself give it a like before it gets lost?
Tomas Gavriel
Tomas Gavriel 4 godzin temu
David Lynch could’ve directed this
Renard Alejo
Renard Alejo 4 godzin temu
kinda reminds me of those R&B days
Joshua King
Joshua King 4 godzin temu
I love this song so please stop hating and if you like this song please like this my comment
Joshua King
Joshua King 4 godzin temu
l like this song so stop hateing
Rooftop Lotus
Rooftop Lotus 4 godzin temu
They crazy
Shyla Black
Shyla Black 4 godzin temu
Gucci always fooling
Kardai Howell
Kardai Howell 4 godzin temu
why the hell bruno glasses so shiny 😂😂😂
geo coubs
geo coubs 4 godzin temu
this is more unexpected then lil pump & Kanye west 🤣🤣
Jason Haynes
Jason Haynes 4 godzin temu
When kodak popped up I was dead did not expect too see that nigga 💀
Arielle Johnson
Arielle Johnson 4 godzin temu
We all know they made this video high😂😂
Lennox Bachmann
Lennox Bachmann 4 godzin temu
I know I'm superfly :))
Julian Gomez
Julian Gomez 4 godzin temu
unexpected no lie but you know it’s 🔥 🔥 from all three of them
Kyli R
Kyli R 4 godzin temu
Kodak made everybody in jail give him their lunches at lunch time😭🤤😂
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia 4 godzin temu
That’s why they all fuuuuuuuck with me!
thatoneguy rob
thatoneguy rob 4 godzin temu
WE NEED MORE SONGS LIKE THIS!!!! But without Kodak........
barrerairene86 4 godzin temu
This song is trash
Nico Rios
Nico Rios 4 godzin temu
Who else tryna figure out if Kodak chubby or buff😂
Kane T
Kane T 4 godzin temu
landed on triple 777 I'm superfly
LINDO AY 4 godzin temu
I wanna fly
Que Davis
Que Davis 4 godzin temu
Kodak needs to stay out of trouble, he can go way further than he thinks.
Tootiepac 4 godzin temu
I finally got my wiiiingss it make wanna siiiiing, Glee. Lmmfao. That's my part y'all.
Mind Flowers
Mind Flowers 4 godzin temu
Intoxication, pointless sex, and materialistic shit. Yes, this is what I want to hear...Wow so intelligent...
Mind Flowers
Mind Flowers 5 godzin temu
One of the worst songs ever. Music for the trendy sheep. Peace to HipHop not this fake junk! Thanks alot YT
EaSt SiDe GreaT
EaSt SiDe GreaT 5 godzin temu
Got a straight thug-kodak black Got a straight ladies man-Bruno Gota a straight rap genius-Gucci
Tootiepac 5 godzin temu
Unexpected collab of all time. Dis a banger. Errbody held they weight. My new favorite.
ShannonLATRIPSTER 5 godzin temu
The song came out last year but just a music vid makes more popular
Daynz Mini
Daynz Mini 5 godzin temu
I thought that Bruno mars is a good man
alissonkilled 5 godzin temu
Eu vivi pra ver o bruno mars fazendo trap
mr. pokee
mr. pokee 5 godzin temu
Tyquesha Robinson
Tyquesha Robinson 5 godzin temu
*1:08* *We all at least had those uncles at a family reunion that dance.* 😂
1 TRUTH 5 godzin temu
Feminism, imasculation. Can you see it , Men, Boys. Kodak you don’t need this for views. Start believe these niggas clones for real. Sell-Out Video of the YEAR. Come on Kodak-Gucci. They got y’all looking like side pieces to Bruno. Even look the at Camera angles. So Bruno doesn’t look like the lil puss ( that he is) brutally honest
Rae Tate
Rae Tate 5 godzin temu
1:04 my favorite part
Drip Nickayla Tv
Drip Nickayla Tv 5 godzin temu
Love this song I can’t stop listening to this song. ❤️🔥
mary jane420
mary jane420 5 godzin temu
My favorite part is" I stay fresh as hell, take a pic I might as well, hell." I was like dayuuummm
bishrelt bek
bishrelt bek 5 godzin temu
MsSoaringstar18 5 godzin temu
Y'al peep Kodak at 1:12-1:18!! LMAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arfo _Samurai
Arfo _Samurai 5 godzin temu
Бля заебись трек
Dae'Jah Bridges
Dae'Jah Bridges 5 godzin temu
is it weird that I can not stop watching this video
Emanuel Rogério
Emanuel Rogério 5 godzin temu
Não curti, Bruno volte ao tempo de Billionaire ^^
Timah Lynette
Timah Lynette 5 godzin temu
its saniyah
its saniyah 5 godzin temu
Stop roasting them and enjoy the damn song
Sarahi Landeros
Sarahi Landeros 5 godzin temu
Este video brilla más que mi futuro :'v
Chief SebZzz
Chief SebZzz 5 godzin temu
Anyone else start laughing when Kodak took his shirt off
Crit Shot
Crit Shot 5 godzin temu
00:10 when the teacher tells u to answer the question and asks what number u on
Crit Shot
Crit Shot 5 godzin temu
They prolly had so much fun recording this 😂
itz_khekhe Hoe
itz_khekhe Hoe 5 godzin temu
All yall that 24k that thumsdown this yall some hater
Raissa Vaval
Raissa Vaval 5 godzin temu
I cant ok? This video made my Day. LMfao !
Plex 5 godzin temu
Respect for Kodak doing his time and then grinding after
Brylan Owens
Brylan Owens 6 godzin temu
I showed this to my 99yrold grandma now shes 21
YaBoi Rafa
YaBoi Rafa 6 godzin temu
Best song, cant stop listening to it....take a pic i might as well
Am Floyd
Am Floyd 6 godzin temu
Gucci fan
Ahmed Iftikhar
Ahmed Iftikhar 6 godzin temu
Today my dentist told me to watch their teeth
That_Boyy_ Jhase
That_Boyy_ Jhase 6 godzin temu
smile bitch 😁💕
F.B.I 6 godzin temu
kodak whit the *moves*
Heat fan
Heat fan 6 godzin temu
Kodak low key is a reason I love this song
Dominique Z
Dominique Z 6 godzin temu
Orang Baik
Orang Baik 6 godzin temu
Atu zero dh buat lagu eh skang
Fain Alvarez
Fain Alvarez 6 godzin temu
And. I did notise bruno in the car a
Fain Alvarez
Fain Alvarez 6 godzin temu
Kodak Funny 😂
Miiggles Memes
Miiggles Memes 6 godzin temu
Is Kodak starting to speak more english?
Antoine Williams
Antoine Williams 6 godzin temu
Y'all did that one much love
GammaBoy 6 godzin temu
Marianne Mercadejas
Marianne Mercadejas 6 godzin temu
Damn hoooot bruno
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 6 godzin temu
first of all how did a single strip of confetti not get in their drinks or Brunos hair
Koko Wave
Koko Wave 6 godzin temu
That drop 0:12
YABOI Tanjid
YABOI Tanjid 6 godzin temu
BabyKatG 6 godzin temu
Gucci in a shiny suit got me back in 2006.
F Cggh
F Cggh 6 godzin temu
مالفرق بينك وبين المرة هههههههههه
joel huaman
joel huaman 6 godzin temu
la rompieron cabrones
carlos romero
carlos romero 6 godzin temu
Que buen inicio de.bruno
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