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Foster The People - Worst Nites (Official Audio)

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6 lis 2018

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Komentarze 1 520
Noemy N
Noemy N 18 minut temu
YooToobgurl86 Godzinę temu
Love Foster The People!
jyothi chandani
jyothi chandani 4 godzin temu
ZU KYO 7 godzin temu
Foster The People isn't only Pumped Up Kicks.
CVPPA COFFEE MUSIC 8 godzin temu
fortnite is worstnite
Alexa Henríquez
Alexa Henríquez 9 godzin temu
Listening from Honduras, I love us!
Gamja Sekki
Gamja Sekki 9 godzin temu
LTMC Media
LTMC Media 10 godzin temu
Was having a throwback FTP day today, and then this happened.
min C
min C 11 godzin temu
welcome back!
#heysoyleandro fioravantti
Argentinos con buen gusto musical dónde están?
Bruretzka 14 godzin temu
Ya esperando el vídeo!!!
João Victor
João Victor 16 godzin temu
Mano que foda
ohmygoodurmomisabitc 16 godzin temu
bass line is awesome!
Tinkeroftime Little Seed
the artist who does their work is always so on point! what the heck am i doing on the east coast still!!!! seriously! the west coast has it going on!
chris cofield
chris cofield 17 godzin temu
I love Foster the people 💕 Honestly my favorite song by them is Goats in Trees ❤️
Moonchild Carlos
Moonchild Carlos 18 godzin temu
Los amo TwT
Courtney Boas
Courtney Boas 19 godzin temu
the day I got lunch detention i heard this song, and my worst day became my best day. I love this song.
where is kiki? she is not there.
Feeling like brazilian-♡
sAintJoy 19 godzin temu
Fucking amazing
Cleyde 19
Cleyde 19 19 godzin temu
Que canción más genial!
Can Cakmak
Can Cakmak 20 godzin temu
acaba dinliyen tek Türk ben miyim
JOSE MANUEL 21 godzinę temu
Faint Dzień temu
Pumped up kicks-вот это топ, а новый альбом такой себе..
Angel Ruben Vazquez Perez
los exxtrañe
leticiamchdo Dzień temu
Such a vibeee!!!
Damnom Dzień temu
Dillyn Baker
Dillyn Baker Dzień temu
Zaddies back at it again with a new bop,,, they don’t know how to make a bad song. Mark could throw up into a microphone and it would still sound good.
TheHunchy101 Dzień temu
Someone comment the lyrics!
Aria Dzień temu
Arte la Ptm 🤩🤩❤️
Al & Caius
Al & Caius Dzień temu
Such a great mixture of their older stuff and their new style.
Ria Lufita
Ria Lufita Dzień temu
Marcela Torres
Marcela Torres Dzień temu
Coming back with a banger!
Antonio Ronaldo
Antonio Ronaldo Dzień temu
Esto si es buena musica saludos desde mexico 😉
Marcel ET
Marcel ET Dzień temu
their creativity it's more than 8000
Link1147 Dzień temu
This songs gae
koel 406G
koel 406G Dzień temu
people life sing
Виталия Васильева
omg ! really? i waited and i m glad😎
Mirandadona Gameplays y Cosas Randoms
More More pleaseee!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥
Semkin 135
Semkin 135 Dzień temu
Вау :0 Ещё одна крутая песня! Уже слушаю вас два года 🍷
Kaustubh Datta
Kaustubh Datta Dzień temu
How come this song hasn't reached Million!
Afrida Aullia
Afrida Aullia Dzień temu
[Chorus] All my worst nights are the best times West Coast stealin' all my shut-eye All my worst nights are the good kind High life filtered through the lo-fi [Verse 1] Startin’ it up after dark Chasin' thoughts, cruisin' through Echo Park Joined the vultures eatin’ paradise Gettin' tilted, yeah, we'll pay the price (But ain't it nice?) [Pre-Chorus] Never say, "Goodbye", we say, "Hello" Faded in the sunshine and the snow [Chorus] All my worst nights are the best times West Coast stealin' all my shut-eye All my worst nights are the good kind High life filtered through the lo-fi [Break] [Verse 2] Skippin' lines and brushin' past the suits Duckin' pictures and droppin’ some truths Now I’m gettin' lost up in the Hills But cruise the ’Gram and now I'm catchin' feels Is this for real? [Pre-Chorus] Never say, "Goodbye", we say, "Hello" Faded in the sunshine and the snow [Chorus] All my worst nights are the best times West Coast stealin' all my shut-eye All my worst nights are the good kind High life filtered through the lo-fi [Break] [Bridge] Yeah, you know It’s only in L.A Yeah, uh huh (La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la) Only in L.A (La-la-la-la, la-la-la-la) [Chorus] All my worst nights are the best times West Coast stealin' all my shut-eye All my worst nights are the good kind High life filtered through the lo-fi [Outro] (Lo-fi, lo-fi) Yeah, uh huh Highs filtered through the low You know, woo High life filtered through the lo-fi
Damian Dzień temu
Can someone make an instrumental of this
Pedro Tizzo
Pedro Tizzo 2 dni temu
is this song part of some new album or its just a single?
Jazmín Falcón
Jazmín Falcón 2 dni temu
i love it
Alex Alonso
Alex Alonso 2 dni temu
Its 4 am and this song is all I can think about
Comic Central
Comic Central 2 dni temu
This is really nice song to listen to when bad things happen.Also RIP for those victims who lost their lives in the fire and shooting.
Keith Foster
Keith Foster 2 dni temu
Batman Is Cocaine
Austin MacDonald
Austin MacDonald 2 dni temu
Been out for a week and not a mill? Somethings wrong here................
Joe D.oreo
Joe D.oreo 2 dni temu
They release a full album almost a year ago and then randomly are like HEY HERES A FUCKING DISCO SONG..... MEMBER THAT?!?! AND OH YEA and its good too....... WHO DOES THAT
Joe D.oreo
Joe D.oreo 2 dni temu
Who knew ppl were still making disco. DISCO NEVER DIES BABY!!!!!
candace june
candace june 2 dni temu
*FBI has approved*
Heather Coy
Heather Coy 2 dni temu
FtP deserve so much more recognition , they always produce the best music smh
Emelinn Sarabia
Emelinn Sarabia 2 dni temu
Erick Paredes
Erick Paredes 2 dni temu
Hablas español dame like
Tonito- Rico
Tonito- Rico Dzień temu
K ay k pes
Roben Rodriguez
Roben Rodriguez 2 dni temu
Me gusto mucho la musica
Luisa Davila
Luisa Davila 2 dni temu
Great time to be alive
boop the snoot
boop the snoot 2 dni temu
were all my lo-fi frens at?
nahofksm 2 dni temu
I can't express how much I love this!! I love you Mark. You are so special.
Genesys1040 2 dni temu
Next big FTP hit incoming.
Alfie Peters
Alfie Peters 2 dni temu
Thought this song was ok when I first listened to it. This is my forth and it's really growing on me.
The_Angel 2 dni temu
The_Angel 2 dni temu
alguien sabe el español?
/Doc/ 2 dni temu
Welcome back, really
Jacklene Taylor
Jacklene Taylor 2 dni temu
I hope I get to see these guys live 😍
Artuur Hiroa
Artuur Hiroa 2 dni temu
Haven't heard this band in a while. Love this song, reminds me of Cache's 'Where is my Sunshine'.
Leafy Lampshade
Leafy Lampshade 2 dni temu
The art gives me Maroon 5 vibes. Love the song ❤
Anasyub 2 dni temu
sigh this aint lofi
Ariadni Mitso
Ariadni Mitso 2 dni temu
Bianca Kaori
Bianca Kaori 2 dni temu
Gub.L _
Gub.L _ 3 dni temu
nattawut rachiwong
Thailand 🇹🇭
Rebecca Silvestre
that bass slowly unhooking my bra
Tea Tea
Tea Tea 3 dni temu
This is catchy. :D
Kaarool Craft
Kaarool Craft 3 dni temu
Steven Waters
Steven Waters 3 dni temu
Sadly, for me, they have lost direction. This sounds like Wham! Get it together!
Dec 3 dni temu
Rockstar better put a song by this group on the radio station in the next gta game.
robhartjr1993 3 dni temu
When "Sacred Hearts Club" came out last year it had mixed reviews, no hit single and was their lowest charting album on the billboard 200. It seemed that the band had "fallen off". But people who had listened to the album knew there was something special about it, especially the song "Sit Next to Me" which became their comeback single and one of the biggest rock songs of 2018 a year after its release. This song is gonna be even bigger once it finds the masses I promise. Expect this to slowly crawl up the charts like "Sit Next to Me" and go even further as people hear it in stores and find it on Spotify and stream it to death.
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith Dzień temu
They were only considered as “fallen off” when supermodel came out only because it didnt have a mainstream approach. They still had alternative hits from every album they released. But this song could make it on the pop charts
Brandon SALSA
Brandon SALSA 2 dni temu
Dude ive been following then since pumped up kicks, their last album was to me their best release since their first! Don’t get me wrong tho i loved the hell out of supermodel, i loved the rock shit they did on that record and experimental stuff. I just loved how their last album gave off major torches vibes 🙏🏼 this song highkey just sounds like a combination of all what they’ve done, and it kicks ass 🔥
Tyler Aldridge
Tyler Aldridge 3 dni temu
Weaeaeaeaaeaeaeast coast stealing all my shut eye
Ѧ ї ґ YT
Ѧ ї ґ YT 3 dni temu
this was posted on my birthday WOOPIE FOR MY DUMBASS
Space Rock
Space Rock 3 dni temu
Good job!
Wesley Nicolau
Wesley Nicolau 3 dni temu
Brasil ❤️
Kris Melody
Kris Melody 3 dni temu
you guys are awesome!!
andyLOL ¡¡ fernandiño!!
FOSTER THE PEOPLE is the best cration
Roben Rodriguez
Roben Rodriguez 3 dni temu
Roben Rodriguez
Roben Rodriguez 3 dni temu
Donkerito Gaming
Donkerito Gaming 3 dni temu
This is a serious bop
renan XX
renan XX 3 dni temu
que isso
Campony of Too
Campony of Too 3 dni temu
Foster The People - Worst Nites 01:59 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:33 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤ🔄
Sarah Marsh
Sarah Marsh 3 dni temu
This jam FUNKY
Mangell mcfly
Mangell mcfly 3 dni temu
Kevin Quintero
Kevin Quintero 3 dni temu
Como siempre los mejores!
Auron Vega
Auron Vega 3 dni temu
Uff se siente como en el álbum Supermodel :3
kami sama
kami sama 3 dni temu
I fking like the animation background!
santi moya
santi moya 3 dni temu
A new album is coming ?
Valeria Gómez
Valeria Gómez 3 dni temu
I just love foster the people
Sebastian Espinoza
Guau es una de las pocas canciones que escuche ala primera y me gusto 😌!
Teresa Ramirez
Teresa Ramirez 3 dni temu
I love It 7u7
SnazzyYhatzee 3 dni temu
"Welcome to the city of lost angles" that's some deep stuff right there
Worst Nites
12 dni temu
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